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Taliesin Racing valves are all the finest quality forged stainless steel made here in Great Britain by a renown maker of racing valves over 60 years experience

Husqvarna TE/TC/SMR 610/570  1991-2004  Exhaust 32.5mmHusqvarna TE/TC/SMR 610/570 1991-04 Inlet 36mm std
Husqvarna TE/TC/TX 510 1984-91 Inlet 35mm std
Husqvarna TE/TC/TX 510 1984-91Exhaust 30mm
Husqvarna TE/WXE 410/350 1991-02 Inlet 32.5mm
Husqvarna TE/WXE 410/350 1991-02 Exhaust 27mm

All above valves are £95 a pair or £185 for a set of 4 ie 2inlet & 2 Exhaust